BASE TECH offers all steps of decontamination for you:
from monitoring of suspicious sites to planning and constructing of
individual purification systems.

BASE TECH - process for purification of contaminated soils is

applicable for the following persistent organics, etc.:

Polycyclic aromatics (PAC)
Chlorinated  hydrocarbons  (AOX)
Sulphur containing aromatics
Nitrogen containing aromatics

Characteristics of BASE TECH -process:
Biological degradation of contaminants
Onsite-application without transport of soil
Reactor is the soil onsite, therefore no carryover of contaminants
Simultanious control of the water-turnover to avoid carryover of contaminants
Low running costs (no power supply required)
The process takes several months to years depending on the concentrations and the biochemical metabolization constants

-process for purification of seepage or ground water see 

"Sewage treatment/water purification:
Industrial effluents and
water conditioning.

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