… example for biological, industrial wastewater

Meat and Sausage Production Schmalkalden Limited Thüringen

Wastewater Purification

Sewage type: Production wastewater from butcher‘s
Solution for disposal: Extension of the existing mechanical-biological plant with
the aim of further purification steps including elimination of nutrients.
Plant technology: Ecotechnical Sewage Plant from BASE TECH 
Capacity: 330 population equivalents
Plant conception: Degrading of residual organic load, nitrification, denitrification
and phosphorous elimination integrated in a single treatment
step saves running costs.
Start up: 2000

Sludge Treatment

Sludge: Sewage sludge from the existing activated sludge plant.
Plant technology: Reed - Catalysed - Sludge - Composting
Area: 280 m2
Capacity: Wet sludge 6000 m3/a
Start up: 2000