example for chemical waste water

Zurich Airport
Sewage type: Deicing fluid (different kinds of glycol)
Sewage properties: - Strongly fluctuating concentrations from COD 20 mg/l up to
  300 000 mg/l, in average COD 11 000 mg/l

Deficiency of nutrients (N, P)
Effluents occure in waves with extreme peaks depending
  on the weather conditions.
Plant technology: During the project of the airport extension (airport 2000), a treatment
plant was built onsite for highly concentrated deicing solution as
Ecotechnical Sewage Plant by
Capacity: 1.700 population equivalents
Plant conception: Storage and purification of wastewater integrated in the same
plant step saves costs remarkably.
Start up: 1995
Resulting outlet
with COD 45 mg/l far below the imperative.

Airport Berlin-Schönefeld
Sewage type: Deicing fluid
Plant technology: Complete wastewater purification system including Ecotechnical
Sewage Plant with monitoring and control techniques from BASE TECH.
Capacity: 4.000 population equivalents
Plant conception Measurement and control techniques separate partial effluent flows depending on the various load degrees, respective to appropriate disposal technique.
Start up: 1996
Resulting outlet
The COD concentration decreasing to 2% of initial concentration, which is far below the imperative. In addition decomposition of accompanying difficultly degradable  substances such as HC, AOX, PAC.