Water is the base of all life on our earth!

By exzessive use of water, resources decrease at an alarming rate.

For conservation of the essential water circulation, the involvement of every one of us is needed, your's too !

We are the guardians of our children and grandchildren. Let us accept and respect this responsibility !

As this illustration shows, storm water can be used wisely:
for example for garden irrigation, toilet flushing, laundry machines
and for various other applications.

By simple measures we reduce our demand for drinking water

for private household and buildings by about

for industrial enterprises and public
buildings, up to 

50 to 70 %

90 %. 

Applicable fields:
  • One-family-houses and storage buildings
  • Restaurants, schools, nurseries, sport halls, town halls,
    hospitals, nursing homes, residential homes, etc.
  • Sports grounds, recreation centers, etc.
  • Trade and industrial enterprises, exhibition halls, etc.
  • Airports
  • Building areas and newly developing areas


    Save your water demand of the future.
    Besides you save water and wastewater fees !

    BASE TECH offers:
    Drafts for optimal rain water management, tailor-made 
    for your special application.
    Analysis and evaluation of the quality of your rain and
    surface water.
    Analysis and evaluation  of the percolation facilities of your soils
    Projecting systems for rain water utilization and retention
    Natural storm water management
    Purification plants for storm water by activated soil
    Retention basins with filtering soil
    Supervision during the building process
    Consultation concerning a comprehensive water and wastewater system for industrial enterprises, communities, private investors, etc.

    We are your competent partners, please ask us.