example for domestic sewage

Municipality Nordheim v.d. Rhön
Sewage type: Municipal wastewater from mixed sewer system
Sewage properties: Domestic sewage, effluents from small trades, 
and storm water in joint treatment 
300 population equivalents
Solution for disposal: Cost-effective building of an efficient decentralized treatment system
while using the existing wastewater ponds under strict
purification requirements because of a small recipient.
Plant technology: Reconstruction of the wastewater ponds as retention basins for 
storm water and for sedimentation ponds. Supplement of a
Reed-Bed by BASE TECH.
Area: 1.500 m²
Plant conception: Degrading of COD, ammonia, nitrate while simultanious
phosphorus elimination integrated in the same plant step saves costs.
Start up: 1997
Resulting outlet
concentrations :
Far below the imperative. In addition there is reliable nitrification during
winter, too, accompanied by denitrification and phosphorus elimination.

Average purification results 1999 (mg/l)